by La Guerre

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released December 12, 2015



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La Guerre Lawrence, Kansas


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Track Name: build.
i should start every verse with a new realization of what i get myself into
he spoke very plain, with regret in his voice and his dark eyes welling

"you know who you are, but you dont know what you want and your heart is a shell you don't need to fill up. you, yourself, are strong enough"

i should end every line with a comma, to pause each swift thought in my mind, 'cause i can't name a time that i've ever uncovered what i've set out to find.
surety has gotten me overly confident, i should stop writing songs that give all of my secrets to those i don't want.
Track Name: dark world.
there you go feeling strange
i was there when they were not
im here i am there
to be yours forever

no body knows why i talk how i do
ha i am to be a friend to me
when you are mean
you're so mean

enter me deep
i makes me complete
because it seems that im
always empty

i will fake anything
if it makes you believe me
when i say things are great
in this dark world spinning
Track Name: yours.
have it all, breathe easier
hollow that heart
i'm all yours

don't disturb yourself
stay where you've been
lay where you feel most happiest
'cause it takes real strong muscle to bend
and set yourself right without leaning

have it all, breathe easier
hollow that heart
i'm all yours

do be sure when you say you are
and don't expect permanence too long
you had me then i'm all yours now
and inbetween was spent waiting for this to start
Track Name: acid.
mysterious fish in my mouth
smooth, scaly beast, when you feel around
i can taste you now, can you taste in me how
the inside of my cheeks have sanded out
from small acidic tablets they doled out

to the farmlands, we drove past the town
paralytic limbs, still i press on down
the gas pedal knows how
the tiniest stars are spotlights now

your grandpas house will have to do
the loneliest mouth has taken two

it's an accident we're both lost in this
we came separately on the same mattress
but it couldn't have been different

an unbridled stallion was i
set loose to the grounds of your emptying mind
i discover with time i'm still fenced in the limits
no matter how wide, still i run til i cannot continue

i'm a sycophant who has starved for this
we take separate lines on the same surface
til there's nothing but blurred reflections

take a holiday from your consciousness
we'll sink separately in the same ocean
we emerge in the sun
be reborn to a crest
then you start over fresh
til it all ends again
Track Name: kakes.
Kaler, maybe later
i'll come out and we can paste the night together
with a hot glue gun, or whiskey or whatever
would make it feel better than it was
and even though it's well below outside
we'll insulate with all the things we hide
like our awkward social longing
to enjoy each other more than others try

under the red heat light on bar stools, tongue-tied
when the two of us combine, it's a shit show kind of night
though alone it seems alright
glad we're by each other's side

you want to contact spirits?
bring the board i'll grab the planchette
and i promise i won't move it if you don't
and i know you know i'm prepared to
take on anything that gets through
it's a reflex to protect you
i'll be right here

over the drunken crowd we'll walk back, lie down
why should we relay a sound when the space is far too loud
of the people i have found, you're the one that i'm most proud

we're in a game, it's life on chessboards life-sized
when the two of us combine, any move we make is right
i believe that we just might end a winning team tonight
Track Name: intro.
no i don't need a god to have made what i've become

whatever i am, i'm that, i'm here, i'm an intro
to what I assume one day i'll be, all that i
demanded as young, as a product of weary hearts,
of false love, i'm part of it all
i've been grandfathered in, this sun-stroked skin
i am irish at glance and inhuman within

i don't need a god to have made what i've become

there, past the front doors and the aisles
how his love it awaits, here to bring us at peace
with ambiguous fate, write the date of his death down
memorize his whole life now
live by it, it's all you'll get out

i was an angel in a church play
every line was a lie, but with blocking
to move where i knew i was closer
to proving that life could be over
and peaceful and lonelier