Rare and Collectible Spirits

by La Guerre

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released February 28, 2014



all rights reserved


La Guerre Lawrence, Kansas


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Track Name: Hollywood
We break down, while you get up
Stuck here pouring it out while you fill up your cup
take a drink, assurance is sweet
and you've insured what you need
and that's for damn sure not me

now the dirt is where i rest my load
not because i cant move, i'm alive
but my heart doesn't know
my mind wont behave
but fuck what i feel, what i felt
crack the champagne
lets celebrate

i don't even know what i could say
with every gasp reaction i could
fake a kind reply but its a shame
that cant bare to try it

quiet comes to easy minds
but that's not mine, no its not mine
i sang about the shades 5 years ago
before i went and turned you next to her
Track Name: Worst/Best
Can last night be the last time, please
that I am taken by your distant tone?
Only when i'm gone, you're
this obliging to my fleeting want

Can't really know you,
you know, i'm not supposed to though, bab--
I mean, i'll stop saying these things
if you would once tell me so
but i'm never alone, i'm never alone
until I get back to our home
No, no, no

The handful of times that you've wandered outside,
I find you don't like being there
And I talk way too much; underage, out of touch
with what I try so hard to seem like

Don't want to know you,
you know I couldn't take that, my hone--
I mean, I'll stop thinking these things
If you'd once let me go
but i'm never alone, i'm never alone
until I get back to our home
No, no, no

The worst thing we'd do it to take it all
and the best thing we'd do is not to
The best thing we'd do is take it all
and the worst thing we'd do is not to

The worst thing to do is take me all
and the best thing you'd do is not to
and the best thing you'd do is take me all
and the worst I'd do is let you
Track Name: Window Song
Alone, staring into your window
from the alleyway back home
so hard to, really

See the ice below follows snow
which uncovers no uncertain slope
Fewer you see, it means that
all has been and more is coming

Oh, the ice below, it covers stone
won't traverse, phantom pain still hurts
Layer the oats to build in moments willing
no distilling hope
Track Name: Eve
I got stoned in the morning at 7 o'clock
with a middleschool friend that I haven't talked to in years
it cleared things up a lot, to share in the unclear

But I bought that shit to split among
an almond eye, a silver tongue
I never share with anyone
just give or take it all

But i've made my bed, decieved in it
my mortal soul more gal than gold
i've never been so assured to learn that god has died
the tornado, it could have thrown
my mind aside to blind the call of
whether i'd have tried at all to picture him alive

So no more holiday, with 25 old lies behind me
i couldn't feel more uninviting if I were purposefully hiding

Place purple on my roots,
the only thing to do when you grow is cover
never hesitate the change, the
unnecessary state of my self-wonder

So, when I've wandered past the limit of my luck
Should have expired ago, while in some abandoned club
Should have decided long go whether to fall in love exclusively
If you'd have left her for me, would you have left her for me
Track Name: Way Back
Coyotes shrieking from the forest, 2 a.m.
through your window heard the chorus summoning
begging at me find a way back into the person your were way back then

Empty the memories you've made since
you know, they never really made sense
After the move back with your father
after those hefty threatening callers

Maybe there was no other summer
maybe you never should have been there
what if we never paid you visit?
taken the weekend up to lawrence

A ghostly figure leaving bruises on your legs
the shape of Africa you'd find when you'd awake

You should starve
on the lack of the guilt from your heart
and the binge and the purge
it is alarming
been following so long
Track Name: Feel It
You're a great reason to take what I have for granted
though I can't say what a mistake you are
All of this bumbling, all the drinking that I stow away
what I mean to say is let's run around for an evening

You can gaze upon what you seem to want
I'll allow you, not admitting to
you can feel my skin, you can touch me where I will feel it
i'll feed in to it

Check me out like I'm a library book
read the summary and be done with me
I am not yours to be a bastard to
I'm disastrous on my own, need no help from you

You're a great means to escape what I feel that I'm tied to
What I mean to say is don't go away for too long
Though i'm patient, I can take it, I can
But I hate it, I hate it, I hate it
Track Name: Kill Everything You See
A hard hallelujah to say
where the past and the present replay
when the answer is a desert away
you'd easily disappear in a day
who leads you to your fate of haste

kill everything you see
who you love, who you hate, inbetween
your heart is a faulty machine
it deceives you
Track Name: Not People
Your heart is a rarity of sorts--
distorted, disordered.
The parts the I uncovered last,
they recant the memories of the past.

Was it on Halloween
that you told me you were happy?
But words are stronger in the flesh.
You told her a bar, by yourself, lonely's
where you were at.

I'm a collector of sorts.
Not people, but spirits.
To take and keep it as your own,
stay near it, devour it, then leave them hollow.

The day after the fourth,
I found out, read each out loud.
To know you couldn't have been real--
It was freeing, and killed me, and made whatever I am now.
Track Name: Lawrence, Kansas
Burnt is every bridge I've passed within a few instants
won't build again, don't care to ment--It's too weakend
and too sick, too unwilling to determine every feeling
if it's real, or mine to kill or already healing
only so many hopeful years can half over kneeling
to a far less worthy man better appealing

Even though i'm always around, i'm still preparing
i've been drawn back, played other acts, some overbearing
but fuck, now, 25 years past, each day is wearing a lot faster
than i'd planned

the need to stand, the claim the ground
i've sown my seed in, always believed in what i'd found
to plant my feet in, not to restrict them
but to take with me my own when I leave this town
Track Name: I Remember
Of what I remember, I didn't object
I never refused the weight, I wasn't confused by it
It wasn't an accident of which I recall
though somewhat sporadic, I mostly forgot

And was the shock that rolled through me
disgust for what I'd done or what It could mean
or a spark, the pleasured parts of deceiving
that left me reeling

The sheets made a shelter wherein I could sleep
night took me so easily and held me so deep
but when every curtain was drawn and constrained
the morning burst through it, the cold, startled shame

And was my head readjusted
when who I thought I was, was to be trusted
now a lie, the devious night I never wanted
to be touched with
Track Name: Parthenon
At the Parthenon, a far different one
than the tales of old and forgotten song
fortune fails us so far
though we are not all that far gone

Thunderous, not quite thunder
carries fast between the pillars
we hear each different details but agree on where they came from
and we take turns being mortal, because immortality is boring
we carve antlers into arrows, shoot at clouds til it is pouring

At the Parthenon, towards the southern sun
where we left our hearts to a sorry god

don't claim that all the marble columns fall
they stand tall
Track Name: RACS
You have a pen name to hide beneath each written letter sent to me
you have a lover, one out of three
but no shame, no innate, fear of pain you're edging
And the midnight flights bring me closer
to the destiny of my exposure
but no rest for the impatient and no options for the pacing
it just takes me where it takes me
where it can, and there I am

Mass graves, the mortal cage for miles
clouds of death swim in my head
but we'll meet up when we're dead
like Houdini and Bess
when we get tattoos on our heads
Don't pretend you regret that
ink is thinner than blood and it runs on a shorter path
And I may not be the first but I'm sure as fuck that last you'll have

So please, sweet, sleep
I promise I won't even breathe, if it's not what you please
I swear, my sweet
You're all I need, my nightlight to read

Well I may be beyond having, but that don't mean you can't have me for a night
I regret exactly nothing, I believed that there was something to hide inside
Track Name: It Never Rests
It never rests in my head
wherein i'm told that i'll forget here
still, i remember it all
that's why you never tread in the paths of the fallen down

you'll be found out
take the former as a lesson or
determine your own prison in the sound
chained up
every frequency devours
so coward now

it never left my mind, instead
it overcomes and spreads through it
til every dream's a memory
i try to bend and hide beneath

when i turn in my sleep it's like
someone starts to scream in my ear
and i know its just the shift
of the particles within
but im never used to it
no im never used to it
Track Name: Waiting on You
waiting on you wastes my time
'cause when I do, I do so for another life
one feasible on this plane of time
know that I could eternally if I tried

and I go broke purchasing time to think of you
when thoughts are few
what could be done, what can I do

If you'd a way to understand
just how so easily a heart falls in your hand
And how delicate, you could comprehend
the subtle differences of lovers and of friends

I forced my mind to quite and eyes up to the sky into the night
where I am safe from interacting
the connection's disconnecting
the final separation of my willing unintention

no ability to look the other way
in the meantime you can find another me